On The 12th Date of Christmas by Nikki Lynn Barrett


On The 12th Date of Christmas was given to me for an honest review. Nothing was promised to me for a review…
After I told Nikki Lynn Barrett how much I enjoyed The Secret Santa Wishing Well she graciously offered me On The 12th Date of Christmas to read.
Robin is hurt. Her belief in humanity has been shattered after she was mugged. With her mind being anxious from the mugging, her heart was shattered the year before by the man she loved.
Jonas knew when he pushed Robin away he was doing something wrong. He pushed her away to please his parents and then he did an internship overseas. When he came back home, his heart and mind went immediately to Robin. Jonas only knows how much he wants her back his life.
When Jonas sees Robin, she is a completely different woman then how he left her. He wants to heal her.
Using her love of Christmas, Jonas asks for 12 dates. He wants to prove to her his love.
Jonas and Robin reconnect using the magic of Christmas. On The 12th Date of Christmas is the second book in the Secret Santa series.  It brings back the characters from The Secret Santa Wishing Well, but focuses on the relationship of Jonas and Robin.  I love how Nikki Lynn Barrett brings the joy of Christmas and creates a hopeful love story.  This book is very enjoyable to read at any time of the year.

Amazon:  $3.99 – http://tinyurl.com/ztos39c  

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