Jake Men of Clifton, Montana by Susan Fisher-Davis



I was given a copy of Jake by the author for an honest review.. nothing was promised to me for this.
Jake.. oh my goodness I don’t know where to start with this book. First of all, the cover. The man that portrays one of the main characters, Jake, is super hot. He makes me want to go to Montana to find my own cowboy 🙂
Jake and Becca meet up when Becca gets to Clifton, Montana to see a ranch that she inherited from a grandmother she never knew. Ever the city girl, Becca has no idea what to do with a ranch. Jake is hoping the girl will sell to him so that he can expand his own ranch, which is neighboring next to hers. Under the clause of the will, Becca must live in it for 6 months.
The entire story is just.. well I don’t even know how to describe it. The story features characters that are extremely well developed. Jake and Becca make the story not only light-hearted but there is suspense, and it is hopeful and thoughtful. The story is steady and has some great action, not only in the bed 😉 but just with the whole plot of the story.

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