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Rain Street (Rain #3) by T.J. West

True love


I got a copy of Rain Street by TJ West for an honest review…
This book really shows the journey of the author. The first book in the Rain Series, November Rain, was great. The second book, Purple Rain was touching, sweet and great, but Rain Street tied them all together and made is just amazing.
Beth is recovering from an abusive marriage. She moved to San Diego to get a fresh start and to be with her mom. Blaine was abused as a child and is still adjusting to knowing that he is a father. He moved to San Diego to develop a relationship with his son.
One night their paths cross.
This story is full of romance and laughter. It ties in characters from November Rain and Purple Rain. TJ West also brings back one of my all time favorite characters from any book and ties him in with the story to make it beyond sweet and touching.
This is one series that that grows from book one. Rain Street is amazing and is a must read!

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