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Tease (Strings, #0.5) by Renee Swann



This short story is a Tease.. but it falls nicely as a prequel to No Strings Attached.
Tony loves the ladies. He is kind of a playboy and really has no plans to settle down. But something changes and he has to move in with his best mate Gabby.
Gabby is there to help her best friend. Tony looks at Gabby a whole different way after moving in.
Great book for this start of a new series.

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No Strings Attached (Strings #1) by Renee Swann

Love or friends?


I got to beg Renee Swann for a copy of No Strings Attached for an honest review. No actually she thought I would enjoy her short story and asked if I would give an honest review. I am really glad I was able to…
I am not a huge novella fan. I personally think they are just too short and sometimes just don’t give enough for a story, but No String Attached gave me better opinion of novellas.
This is a super short and super cute book about 2 friends that are attracted to each other, but just aren’t sure if they want to take the plunge and transfer their friendship into something more. It really was a good story about how a relationship can start or just keep it as friends.
I highly recommend this for a short and super cute read. Tease, book .5 in the start of this series gives the book in Tony’s side.

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Friends Lovers Chaos (Lovers #1) by Renee Swann

Friends… lovers… and the chaos


I received a copy from the author, Renee Swann, for an honest review.
“why do I need a relationship when I can have cheesecake” (Swann,Renee. (2014) pg. 1)
The title of Friends Lovers Chaos definitely fit this book. At first Bec and Rob are good friends. They each have dated others, but have maintained a friendship. Then the line is crossed into lovers. Their friends with benefits relationship has been working for them. Both Bec and Rob are trying to decide where they want to take this. But within all this chaos comes. Bec has an ex that didn’t like that she had broken up with him. With the suspense of the ex boyfriend comes also the decision if Bec and Rob should develop the relationship into something serious. From the ending makes me want to know what is going to happen with Bec and Rob. I really hope Renee Swann is working on book 2 in the series, but she is currently working on other projects that I am looking forward too.
Friends Lovers Chaos has romance, sex and suspense throughout the book. There are some sexual scenes that are well written and fit within the book.

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