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Tempt: A Twisted Wolf Tale (A Red Hot Treats Story) by Rene Folsom


Retelling With A Hot Twist!

I always love a good hot story, but a fairy tale with a hot twist is even better.
We never grow too old for out favorite fairy tales, they just get a twist to them.
Tempt is a great title for this short story. Rosetta is walking to her grandmother’s house that is so deep in the woods, that there is no cell phone service available. Something causes her to fall down and from there she just experiences odd sensations. Rosetta is very determined to find out what is causing changes to her body and the erotic dreams she is having.
There are some very hot scenes with Rosetta and her phantom female lover. This book is recommend for 18 + as it does contain sexual situations.
I can’t wait for the next one to come out.

Get Tempt on!

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