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Bound By Fate (Moon Bound Series Book 1) by Mandy Lou Dowson

Great read!


I recieved a copy of Bound by Fate from the author, Mandy Lou Dowson for an honest review..
I am partial to werewolf books. They have always intrigued me. This one definitely did.
The beginning of the book starts out with a tragic event. It started the mystery that was sad, but made me want to know what had happened and what was going to happen.
Beth is a pure blood were. She is young and un matted. Being young, she likes to play. Her favorite thing is to give her guardians the slip. Gareth is her newest guardian and is able to track Beth down.
One night changed everything for Beth. She let her heart rule her and ended up having to follow the rules for an un matted were. To complicate things, two men are trying for her heart. Who will she choose?
Bound by Fate is a hot read. Beth is a character that I would like to read more of, and know about her past? I hope Mandy Lou Dowson is working more in this series, because she is an author to discover!

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