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The Celestine Sword (The Into Terratir Saga Book 2) by M.E. Cunningham

A new world


I actually got to read an advanced copy a few weeks before this book was released.
Where to start.. Well.. this book definitely draws the reader in from page one. The book was even better because the characters are more developed and their lives in the world of Terratir have more of an impact.
For more then a year Zach and Lauren are back in their own world. Both of them have changed greatly from their first jump into the world of Terratir. Lauren especially is having a hard time adjusting from being away from the man she loves. No one believes what happened to her and her brother and she has been trying to do everything to go back. Eventually her and Zach were brought back to continue their quest.
This book is designed for the younger audience, but the author, ME Cunningham has made it enjoyable for everyone. I loved the different world that it was brought to. Eye of Tanub was awesome, but The Celestine Sword is just amazing. I am looking forward to book 3 to come out soon!

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