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Loving Lexi (The Lexi Series Book 2) by Lisa Survillas

Sweet and touching


I received a copy from the author, Lisa Survillas, for an honest review.
Loving Lexi covers a topic that is rarely discussed in any story. The topic is rape by a parent. Lisa Survillas does such an amazing job writing about it. She is compassionate and understanding throughout the whole story.
Loving Lexi continues the story of Lexi and Derek. Lexi is still healing from the rape she endured by her father. She never thought that she would ever love anyone. She meets Derek in Project Lexi and from there, the relationship grows.
Derek knows what happened to Lexi. He is understanding and knows that everything that deals with sex must be on her terms. Derek also has his own past and is coming to deal with it as Lexi is dealing with hers.
Each one have meet each other’s families. They are both dealing with their pasts and trying to have a future together.
I am looking forward of more of Lexi and Derek. These two characters are so sweetly developed.


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