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Rising Smoke (Kindling Flames #3) by Julie Wetzel

Rising smoke…


I received Smoke Rising from the publisher for an honest review…
The Ancient Fire series has been a must read from the first book, Kindling Flames: Gathering Tinder. Victoria is a mortal character that had no idea the other world existed until she took a job to be the personal assistant to Darien Ritter. Her life has changed greatly in the months that she has known him. She knows about the vampires and fae that are in her city.
Stolen Fire continues on from the first two books. It is amazing and it brings back Zak. Zak is a character that adds just enough in there to make the book even better. He has been attached to Victoria since her first visit to the lands of the fae.
Each books of the series adds more mystery to the characters and keeps the reader hooked onto every word. Julie Wetzel is an amazing new author and is currently writing book 4 of the series. I am looking forward for more Zak.

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