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Call It Fate by Elizabeth Wyke


ElizabethWakeI received a copy from Elizabeth Wyke for an honest review…
When I started the book, I thought that it was going to be a sweet romance. Two people meeting each other in college and starting a relationship. Seeing the ups and downs and hoping that the happily ever after comes in the end.. but the book through me for a loop.
Hannah has a tragic past. She is trying to keep on going after the death of her parents. College is giving her a chance for a normal life. Spencer seems to be just there. He works in the library where Hannah meets him. A book is what brings her to him.
From that first meeting, everything changes for them both.
Call it Fate is a great book. It is sweet, but also has a mystery that surrounds Hannah and Spencer. I am really looking forward to what Ms. Wyke is working on next. This book would be a great start to an amazing series!

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