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Zoe Thanatos by Crystal Cierlak


At First It Starts Off Like A Romance…

Zoe Thanatos is not the typical read. At first it starts out like a romance – a beautiful woman gets noticed by a handsome man, but then it changes.
Zoe is not happy. On her 25th birthday she heads up to Santa Cruz island. She wants to pick a beautiful spot to end her short life.
The handsome man, Evan, seems to be following Zoe around the island. He catches a glimpse of her on top of the cliff and in that moment he knows what she is going to do. Using a power that is not known to anyone on Earth, he saves her.
Zoe is unsure of what happens. She demands answers from him, and end up finding out more then she wanted to know.
This is the start of a great paranormal series. I can’t wait for the next book to come out!

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The First Candidate (A Bidden Origins Short) by Crystal Cierlak


The First Auction

oh… The First Candidate is a great companion book to the Bidden Series. This is the start on how the business got started and who the first customers were.

James (the handsome Gentleman 12) and his friend and business partner Audra decide to throw an exclusive party for the rich college kids that they go to school with. But that night, they decide to branch out even more. Upstairs in a secret room, 12 beautiful women in masks meet up with 12 very rich and very horny men for an auction.
James bids on the first candidate and until he has paid for her, he doesn’t realize who she is until they are already in a room and caught up in passion filled moments.
This was a great book and answered the questions about who started the auction and what led up to James being Gentleman 12 and him eventually meeting Candidate 4.

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Read this book already? How would you rate it?