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Miles From Home by Ava Bell

Unexpected 5 Star Read


I received a copy of the book from the author for an honest review…
Miles from Home was an unexpected 5 star read. The title made me think of a character that was embarking on a new journey from his/her home. It was sort of like I thought it would be, but took a very different direction.
Maggie is 21 and wants to leave her hometown. When she is accepted into a dance school in New York City, she jumps at the chance to go. Knowing that her father would not approve, she leaves without telling him.
Sam is 21 and has been given the chance to start over in Chicago. He packs up a backpack and his guitar and heads out.
Maggie has some car trouble in Missouri, Sam ends up getting left in the same town after he missed the bus. Sam comes across Maggie and helps her with her car.
From that moment, something connects between Sam and Maggie. A weekend of inconvenience turns into passion.
From there the book takes a turn.
This is just a must read. It starts out as a simple college age contemporary romance into a touching story. I was hooked onto every word. I really hope Ava Bell is working on more, because her first novel was amazing!

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