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Speak No Evil Trilogy by Amy Richie


A Great Trilogy

To have your own mother try to kill you, then mother commits suicide instead. After that father sends to the mental institution to live out the rest of her life.
Ren is not the ordinary woman. She can see ghosts. She has one that follows her around all the time.
In Unspoken, Ren has Toby. He is the ghost that follows her around all the time. He is unhappy and gives Ren an attitude all the time. One night, Tristan appears and is different from Toby. Ren thinks that maybe she has a friend. She starts trusting Tristan, but Toby isn’t so sure about him.
Soft Spoken, Ren has left the mental institution and has lost Toby. She needs to find him and lost without him.
Outspoken, Ren is confronted with more ghosts. She is more scared then ever and just wants to find Toby.
These trilogy is a definite different type of read. I enjoyed it and hope that might be more of Ren.

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