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The Only Shark in the Sea by DelSheree Gladden

the only shark

I received a copy of The Only Shark in the Sea from the author for an honest review..
The whole Date Shark series has been a really great read. It was the first “clean” NA romance that I had ever picked up. I wasn’t sure how I would enjoy it (I love all types of books), but reading Date Shark *book 1* has shown that even clean romance can be fun to read. Date Shark and Shark Out of Water are light hearted, fun reads.
The Only Shark in the Sea.. it starts out like the other two. Eli from Date Shark decided to have his good friend Guy take over the Date Shark business after he fell in love, Guy from Shark out of Water asks Vance for help to run the Date Shark business.
Vance agrees to help Guy with the Date Shark business. He knows that it has helped a lot of people and he enjoys his job as a physiatrist.
Vance is a down to earth guy and loves his girlfriend.
Natalie has many problems. Vance meets with her and instantly feels a connection with her, but as a friend. He wants to do what he can to help her.
Tragedy hits Vance. Eventually Natalie must face her fears to help him…
The Only Shark in the Sea is just a great story. The whole series has been sweet and funny and touching. I love each of the characters and how they are developed. I hope Delsheree Gladden has more in this series for her readers, because I am eagerly awaiting for them!

Amazon links:

The Only Shark in the Sea   $3.99

Shark Out of Water (book 2)  $2.99

Date Shark (book 1) FREE

Timekeeper Falling by Allyssa Painter

timekeeper falling

I was given a copy of Timekeeper Falling by the author for an honest review…
The Timekeeper Duo series is a very different type of dystopian YA paranormal that I have read. I thoroughly enjoyed both of the books and what they stood for.
Iris was pushed from the only home that she thought she knew in search of her brother and best friend. Both were taken from the Shunned – the evil group of Fallen Angels that came to Earth. During her time on the run, she found out that she knew another home, but her mother and father sent her away, in hope of keeping her safe.
Sage came into Iris’ life and was supposed to destroy her. But he realized more about her, the more he wanted to save her
Iris and Sage are trying to save their world, but will they be able to amass an army?  Will she be able to save her brother?  Will Sage be able to Save Iris?             I love the faith that is tied to this series.  It has faith, without preaching any religion.
Timekeeper Duo series is a really great read. Allyssa Painter has a promising start as a new author!


Timekeeper Falling – $2.99

Timekeeper Rising – $2.99

A/awakening by Ava Bell


I received a copy of A/awaking from the author for an honest review…
Emma and Markus are back in the second book of the Tabu series. This series brings up the topic of dominant/submissive and I am just loving it!
The whole thing of being a dominant/submissive is something that I really don’t understand completely, but the way Ava Bell is writing it, I am enjoying the series and the characters that she writes about.
Emma has it all, but in doing research for her newest book, she meets Markus. Markus is a dominant, but is teaching more about Emma then she really knew about it. She is also falling deeper for Markus. Markus is trying to push her away, but is also falling for Emma too. One night changes everything.
The title says it all because it is an awakening for Emma and Markus.
Love this book and can’t wait for more! I have to know what is going with Markus and Emma.

Amazon $2.99

Dirty English by Ilsa Madden-Mills

dirty english 1

I received a copy of Dirty English from the author for an honest review…
So the teasers for Dirty English have been going around for awhile. I loved the previous books from Ilsa Madden-Mills and was totally looking forward to her newest release. I got lucky enough to be able to receive a copy for an honest review. I am very grateful for her to allow me to read and review it.
Elizabeth has a past that she is trying to run from. She set rules for herself and her partners. These rules have kept her kind of together until she meets Declan.
Declan.. he seems to be the total bad boy, but he is fighting his own demons.
One night Elizabeth and Declan come together, and together they become whole.
Dirty English is just an amazing book! I picked it up and couldn’t put it down! Totally looking forward to more from Ilsa Madden Mills…

Amazon   $2.99

** I signed up to get a copy of this book to review and to post my review by the day it was released.  I wasn’t able to do that.  I notified Ilsa Madden-Mills that life got in the way, and that I would get my review up soon.  Well unfortunately life kept on getting in the way.  I just feel super bad that it took so darn long for me to get this reviewed.  Ms. Madden-Mills you are an amazing author!   **

Immortal Moon by June Stevens Westerfield

immortal moon

I beta read Immortal Moon as June Stevens Westerfield was writing this and I was just blown away.
I was hooked on the first book, Voodoo Moon and kept on begging for the book. June Stevens Westerfield allowed me to give her fan feedback. I was honored that she allowed me to do that. Immortal Moon is just.. well you have to read it.
Anya is a norm in a family of paranorms. Her sisters are magical and her adopted father is a vampire. But she is a strong woman on her own.
Jarrett is a vamp. He knows that dating a norm can’t go far, but he is really intrigued by Anya.
Jarrett has a couple of weeks off and really wants to know Anya better. There is just something there that he can’t shake off. And Anya is feeling the same way. She is breaking all her rules and enjoying her time with Jarrett.
This book is the second in the series, but can be on its own. Fiona and Ian are brought back in Immortal Moon, but the focus is on Anya and Jarrett. I have loved this series from page one, but Immortal Moon blew me away. This new paranormal and dystopian romance is exciting and just blows the reader away to a new type of world!


Amazon $3.99

Barnes and Noble  $3.99

Voodoo Moon (book 1)  FREE


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