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My Melody by TJ West

my melody

I received an ARC of My Melody from the author for an honest review…
So.. the whole Downtown series has been amazing since Forbidden Faith. I have been eagerly awaiting for the each book in the series. And I am really lucky that TJ West likes me and allows me to read them for an honest review.
So Forbidden Faith was just hot, and each book has gotten hotter. My Melody is the hottest one so far.
Melody meets Wayne one night at one of his concerts, from there he can’t get her out of his mind.
Melody is always running. She can’t let herself just stay with one person. One night with Wayne makes her feel differently.
Each of characters are so well developed. Melody and Wayne each have their flaws, but they work so perfectly together.
The whole Downtown series is an absolute must read! My Melody just blew me away…


Each one of these books are available on Kindle Unlimited

My Melody (book 3)  $.99

Forbidden Faith (book 1)  FREE

Judging June (book 1.5)  FREE

Harmony’s Healing (book 2)  $.99

Autumn by J.M. Zuniga


I received a copy of Autumn by the author for an honest review..
Autumn seemed to have the perfect life in her small town of Woodport, North Dakota. She is finishing her last year of high school. Autumn is a cheerleader, gets excellent grades and dating her childhood sweetheart who is on the football team. Life is good for Autumn Newbree.
A new family moves in. And with any new family that moves into a small town, there is a lot of curiosity surrounding the new family. Autumn is just as curious as the rest of the town. She doesn’t know that her curiosity is about to change her life.
The Delalande family is about to shake up some lives in Woodport. Rylan, Hunter and Skylar change many things for Autumn and her friends. Some of it is good, and some of it is bad.
Autumn is a great read and the start of what promises to be a great series. I want to know what is going to happen, so I am definitely awaiting the next book.


The Only Shark in the Sea by DelSheree Gladden

the only shark

I received a copy of The Only Shark in the Sea from the author for an honest review..
The whole Date Shark series has been a really great read. It was the first “clean” NA romance that I had ever picked up. I wasn’t sure how I would enjoy it (I love all types of books), but reading Date Shark *book 1* has shown that even clean romance can be fun to read. Date Shark and Shark Out of Water are light hearted, fun reads.
The Only Shark in the Sea.. it starts out like the other two. Eli from Date Shark decided to have his good friend Guy take over the Date Shark business after he fell in love, Guy from Shark out of Water asks Vance for help to run the Date Shark business.
Vance agrees to help Guy with the Date Shark business. He knows that it has helped a lot of people and he enjoys his job as a physiatrist.
Vance is a down to earth guy and loves his girlfriend.
Natalie has many problems. Vance meets with her and instantly feels a connection with her, but as a friend. He wants to do what he can to help her.
Tragedy hits Vance. Eventually Natalie must face her fears to help him…
The Only Shark in the Sea is just a great story. The whole series has been sweet and funny and touching. I love each of the characters and how they are developed. I hope Delsheree Gladden has more in this series for her readers, because I am eagerly awaiting for them!

Amazon links:

The Only Shark in the Sea   $3.99

Shark Out of Water (book 2)  $2.99

Date Shark (book 1) FREE

Timekeeper Falling by Allyssa Painter

timekeeper falling

I was given a copy of Timekeeper Falling by the author for an honest review…
The Timekeeper Duo series is a very different type of dystopian YA paranormal that I have read. I thoroughly enjoyed both of the books and what they stood for.
Iris was pushed from the only home that she thought she knew in search of her brother and best friend. Both were taken from the Shunned – the evil group of Fallen Angels that came to Earth. During her time on the run, she found out that she knew another home, but her mother and father sent her away, in hope of keeping her safe.
Sage came into Iris’ life and was supposed to destroy her. But he realized more about her, the more he wanted to save her
Iris and Sage are trying to save their world, but will they be able to amass an army?  Will she be able to save her brother?  Will Sage be able to Save Iris?             I love the faith that is tied to this series.  It has faith, without preaching any religion.
Timekeeper Duo series is a really great read. Allyssa Painter has a promising start as a new author!


Timekeeper Falling – $2.99

Timekeeper Rising – $2.99