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To Read…

To read:  according to, the act of reading has several different meanings.  There are 46 different definitions that include as a verb or a noun.  My favorite definitions of read are as a verb – 28.  to occupy oneself seriously with reading or study.  29.  to obtain knowledge or learn something by reading.  (retrieved from

But reading is so much more then that.  To me, picking up a book means that I can transfer myself anywhere where a book is set in.  I particularly love historical romance.  I can let my mind wander and pretend that I am a daughter of a merchant being perused by the wealthy and dashing duke of the 18th century or a southern belle sitting on the steps of the plantation drinking a mint julep.

When I was growing up, being a bookworm was not cool.  I used to have my nose stuck in a book during lunch and didn’t care what was around me.  Sometimes I wish I would have developed better friendship with my peers, but being lost in a world of fiction felt so much better.  I don’t feel like I missed out on much because of the books that I read.

Now with the explosion of social media, publishing a book has seemed to become a lot easier.  I never thought I would ever connect on a personal level with an author, but in the past several years I have developed amazing online relationships with authors, publishers, editors and bookworms like me.  This summer I have actually had a chance to meet a few authors that I follow.  I got to meet Jennifer Anne Davis , Neil Harris, and Jennifer Burrows who are from my hometown.  I also got to meet Lauren Nicolle Taylor who is from Australia and just last week I got to play tour guide for KC Finn.  I attended a book signing as a helper to Jennifer Burrows and got to meet SC Cervantes and Samantha Coombs.

But not only with the connection level of social media, the authors that I have a connection with also have been important in my life for other reasons.  When I get hit with the blues, reading is my way of picking up out of the slump.  I have connected with so many authors that I have not had to buy any books in years.  Right now I am lost in the world of Outlander and also currently reading an authors newest work – it is going to be amazing when it is released!

But this blog post is to say THANK YOU to each and every author that I have connected with.  Your books have been more to me then just a read, they have just been… I really can’t describe what they have meant to me.   Soon I hope to get out of the spot I am  and do more to help the authors that have helped me.

Unbidden Love by Crystal Cierlak

unbidden love

I received a copy of Unbidden Love from the author for an honest review…
I love the Bidden series. It has been hot and full of action since book one. Book one brought us Natalie Harlow when she became candidate four. Now she is caught up between the man she still secretly loves and the woman that is catching her heart.
Natalie turned her one night with James into a lucrative business. But between getting her business off the ground, she has encountered a lot of heartbreak.
Audra Robertson has built a business relationship with James, but she decides loving Natalie is worth it all. But one night things fall through and change completely.
I am looking forward to more of the Bidden series. I hope that Natalie gets her happily ever after, but I am having fun reading about all her adventures.

Unbidden Love is available now on

Amazon  $3.99

A Soldier’s Dawning by Lisa Survillas

soldiers dawning

I received a copy of A Soldier’s Dawning from the author for an honest review..
First of all the cover.. just wow! The model on the cover captures the character of Jason Reynolds beautifully. Lisa Survillas selected the perfect cover model for her amazing book.
Jason Reynolds fought for the US. He was injured in combat and sent home. When he got home, he received some heartbreaking news that changed his life forever.
To escape reality, he headed up the the Happy Ending Resort. He needed that time to think and to get over the tragedy he experienced upon coming home.
To move on with life, Jason meets Brandon. Brandon is very accommodating to veterans and gives Jason a job at his shop. From there Jason lives changes again..
This story was beautifully done! I was hooked from the first page and the tears came at some of the story. I really hope that she is going to continue on with the story, because I want more of Jason!

A Soldier’s Dawning will be released September 28, 2015.  It is available for pre order

Amazon  $.99

Vice by Rosanna Leo


I received a copy of Vice from the author for an honest review…
Kate didn’t have it easy growing up. She lives in fear what her father is going to with his addiction to gambling in Las Vegas. She is a singer but absolutely refuses to sing in any of the nightclubs of the casinos. She works with a local group to help families that have been impacted by the real addiction to gambling.
Liam has risen high. His newest grand casino is about to open up and he is anticipating the excitement that comes along with opening up a new business.
Kate decides to hold a protest in front of Vice. Liam decides to see what she is up too. Eventually the pull of his attraction to her is too much.
Kate and Liam are both damaged. Each one of them have fought for what they have.
This is a great standalone contemporary romance that I thoroughly enjoyed. The characters were well developed and kept me engaged in the whole story. I am looking forward to the next story from Rosanna Leo.

*this story touches on what an addiction to gambling can do to families.  it is a very real addiction and should be taken seriously.  many of us have had fun at a local casino or have gone to Las Vegas, but we know when to stop.  if you know anyone that may be suffering from this addiction, please seek help for them.  there are many programs that can help.*

Vice was released TODAY and is available on

Amazon  $4.24

Barnes and Noble $4.99

Kobo  $4.99

C/curious by Ava Bell


I received a copy C/curious from the author for an honest review.. Ava Bell has taken a whole new turn on her writing. She first wrote a beautiful contemporary love story that had me in tears to this super hot story that left me fanning myself.
C/curious jumps into the world of BDSM. Emma is an author and is doing research for her next book. But the research that she has done has made her realize that she thought she was. She struggles to keep it together for her marriage and children, but some of her darkest feelings are coming to the surface.
Super hot and seriously can’t wait for more!

C/curious is available now

Amazon  $2.99

Kobo  $2.99