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Loving Lexi (The Lexi Series Book 2) by Lisa Survillas

Sweet and touching


I received a copy from the author, Lisa Survillas, for an honest review.
Loving Lexi covers a topic that is rarely discussed in any story. The topic is rape by a parent. Lisa Survillas does such an amazing job writing about it. She is compassionate and understanding throughout the whole story.
Loving Lexi continues the story of Lexi and Derek. Lexi is still healing from the rape she endured by her father. She never thought that she would ever love anyone. She meets Derek in Project Lexi and from there, the relationship grows.
Derek knows what happened to Lexi. He is understanding and knows that everything that deals with sex must be on her terms. Derek also has his own past and is coming to deal with it as Lexi is dealing with hers.
Each one have meet each other’s families. They are both dealing with their pasts and trying to have a future together.
I am looking forward of more of Lexi and Derek. These two characters are so sweetly developed.


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Sweet Contradiction by Peggy Martinez

Love it!


The title of Sweet Contradiction fits this story. It is a super sweet contemporary romance that can be a standalone, but is the start of what promises to be an amazing series.
Beth Michaels took off from her small town of Salem, Missouri the day she was old enough to leave and didn’t look back. Having been raised by strict God-fearing parents, she was looking for something different in her life.
On her way to California, Beth gets some really bad news and heads back to Missouri to be with her oldest friend, Jen. When she reaches town, she bumps into someone that she is introduced to as Rev.
Rev turns out to be Matthew.
Beth realizes that Matt has more to offer her. She finds that he is her own contradiction.
Super cute read. I loved every word of it and just can’t wait to read more.

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Unmasked (Godmother Security Book 1) by June Stevens

Contemporary Retelling


I received a copy of Unmasked from the author, DJ Westerfield writing as June Stevens for an honest review
Again I am just a sucker for any type of retelling of fairy tales. I love them all and Unmasked was definitely one of the best ones that I have read in the contemporary romance genre.
In the beginning of Unmarked Cynthia is introduced to us by going on a rescue mission. She shows that she is a strong character from the beginning. After she returns home, her boss tells her that she is to go on another mission.
Sebastian is the head of a huge empire that has made him billions. When a family member decides that he should be the head and not Sebastian, he takes some deadly steps.
Cynthia and Sebastian first come across each other at a charity function. Cynthia is unable to tell him who she truly is that night, but she is very attracted to him.
This book did kind of slow down in the middle, but the author was developing the characters. It was sweet how the characters shared their selves to each other while the love was developing between each other.
Unmasked is a great contemporary romance read and the start of a great new series by DJ Westerfield writing as June Stevens. I am very eagerly waiting for the next one in the series and anything else that she releases.

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Miles From Home by Ava Bell

Unexpected 5 Star Read


I received a copy of the book from the author for an honest review…
Miles from Home was an unexpected 5 star read. The title made me think of a character that was embarking on a new journey from his/her home. It was sort of like I thought it would be, but took a very different direction.
Maggie is 21 and wants to leave her hometown. When she is accepted into a dance school in New York City, she jumps at the chance to go. Knowing that her father would not approve, she leaves without telling him.
Sam is 21 and has been given the chance to start over in Chicago. He packs up a backpack and his guitar and heads out.
Maggie has some car trouble in Missouri, Sam ends up getting left in the same town after he missed the bus. Sam comes across Maggie and helps her with her car.
From that moment, something connects between Sam and Maggie. A weekend of inconvenience turns into passion.
From there the book takes a turn.
This is just a must read. It starts out as a simple college age contemporary romance into a touching story. I was hooked onto every word. I really hope Ava Bell is working on more, because her first novel was amazing!

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